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Welcome to Shoalhaven Chiropractic Centre

* Update *
As we emerge from our home isolation, and start to resume some ‘normal’ activities, I thought it would be a great time to touch base and let you know what is happening here in the clinic!
Even though many restrictions are being lifted, and we are navigating post lockdown changes, the clinic is still ensuring that our usual high standards are not only being met, but being exceeded, to ensure your safety when coming to your appointments.

If you have not been in for a while, you will see we have implemented a few changes. These include screens at our front desk, as well as hand sanitiser at reception and in all the rooms. We have also recovered benches, enhancing patient safety.

All staff, Kate Daniel (Mon-Thu), Ashley Browne (Tues and Fri), Melissa James(Wed-Fri), Leigh Melocco(Mon and Tues) and Mitchell Hudson(Fri) are back on deck and working our normal shifts.

Sadly Donna has decided to take an extended break from massaging at this time. In addition to our already talented team, we have a new Chiropractor that has joined us. Matt Cronin has started work with us, and will be here on Mondays and Thursdays. Matt brings extensive experience to the team, particularly in the areas of acute low back pain and neck pain.

So as you can see, we are going full speed ahead, and are here to care for you and your family, as always.

Can’t wait to see you all when you come in next!

Our practice embodies a professional and caring focus, within a relaxed and friendly setting.

Our staff are highly skilled in a variety of diagnostic and treatment areas, and we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with new skills and advancements within the health industry.

To us, health is multidimensional, and we firmly believe that to obtain good health we need to ensure that all aspects of the human body need looking after. At Shoalhaven Family Chiropractic we offer a wide range of health services in addition to Chiropractic Care!

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer, please feel free to contact us