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Welcome to Shoalhaven Chiropractic Centre

* Update *
I’m sure, like me, you are trying to process the enormity and significance of what is happening around us – both here in the Shoalhaven and globally.

At the minimum, please take the time to look after yourselves. Eat well, drink water and try not to get consumed by the 24/7 reporting of what is happening. It is easy to let the stress and anxiety take control, but we must remember to be there for one another, and try and smile as much as we can.
The clinic will be open tomorrow, Monday March 23, and will be operating as normal, until we receive further information from our governing body.
If you feel unwell, have a cough or sore throat then please don’t come in. If in doubt please make a call to your GP.

Our practice embodies a professional and caring focus, within a relaxed and friendly setting.

Our staff are highly skilled in a variety of diagnostic and treatment areas, and we pride ourselves on keeping up to date with new skills and advancements within the health industry.

To us, health is multidimensional, and we firmly believe that to obtain good health we need to ensure that all aspects of the human body need looking after. At Shoalhaven Family Chiropractic we offer a wide range of health services in addition to Chiropractic Care!

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer, please feel free to contact us